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Racing Summary for June 4th to June 6th 2010

2010 Scott Bintz Racing Summary as of 6-7-10
Heat Wins: 9
  |  Feature Wins: 4 Top 5’s: 5 Top 10’s:8
Points/Ave: 1015/48.33  National Standing: 6th
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Geo Center Speedway Trophy Presentation
Geo Center Speedway Trophy Presentation

The down and dirty…. 3 heat wins, 2 feature wins & 1 feature rain out

Can’t believe we won every race we were in this weekend… wow.  The weekend started on Friday 6-4-10 with a trip up to the Geographical Center Speedway.  Scott started 4th in the 2nd heat.  Scott grab the early lead and won the heat.  The 20 lap feature was pretty tacky.  Scott started in the 5th position of the 20 lap feature.  Scott got the lead on about lap 4 and kept it the rest of the race.  There were a number of cautions and #97 Jim Morlock, who started 13th was hot on his trail but had to settle for 2nd as Scott drove the Dakota Engine Builders powered Millenium Nightmare Chassis into victory lane. 


On Saturday 6-5-10, we headed to our home track, the Jamestown Speedway.  Scott started 8th in the heat and powered his way up to the front for a heat win.  He did get a little help with one of the early leaders spinning out.  All the heat races were ran and then mother nature gave us a good rain storm.  The make up feature will be 6-19-10 as well as the previous makeup feature.

The weekend ended with a trip to the Sheyenne River Speedwayon Sunday 6-6-10.    Scott drew 99 and had to start and the back of the pack in the last heat.  After a hard fought battle with 24x Steve Ost, Scott grabbed the lead with about 3 laps to go and won the heat.  After the redraw, Scott was lined up in the 5th starting spot of the feature.  Scott slowly worked his way up and raced side by side #71 Nate Reinke for several laps until he got the lead on lap 7 working the low groove.  There was 1 caution with 10 laps to go.  On the re-start, #15 Flyin Ryan Mikkelson got the lead in corner 1 and 2, but Scott got in back in corner 3 and 4 and kepted it the last 9 laps and captured his first Wissota Midwest Modified win at the Sheyenne River Speedway making it the Scott Bintz Racing team’s 4th feature win of the 2010 season.

This weekend post is sponsored by Millenium Nightmare Chassis built by Strand Racing.  A proven winner and no stranger to Victory Lane.  

Check out some of the weekends racing photo’s below.  More racing news at All The Dirt.

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Racing in Minnesota for 3 Days

Dodge County 4-18-10
Dodge County 4-18-10

We teamed up with Rusty and Kollman Motorsports for 3 days of racing in Minnesota. We loaded both cars into his hauler and headed out.  On Friday, 4-16-2010 we barely made it in time for the draw cut off at Chateau Raceway. Its a track shaped like a paper clip so it has tight corners and faster straights.  The heat was tacky and the features a smooth dry slick.  Very nice racing conditions.   Scott Bintz got 3rd in the heat and 7th in the feature.  We missed the set up for the car and it was just too loose in the feature.  Brandon Davis picked up the feature win in the Wissota Midwest Modifieds. Continue reading Racing in Minnesota for 3 Days

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2010 Midwest Modified from Millenium Nightmare Chassis

Midwest Modified Driver Side
Midwest Modified Driver Side

Here’s some pictures of the 2010 Millenium Nightmare Chassis built by Strand Racing.  The Dakota Engine Builders powered Millenium Nightmare Chassis has all the latest and great racing technology.  It is the same chassis that was driven by Dustin Strand, who captured the 2009 Wissota National Championship for the Midwest Modified class.   Scott is really jacked and looking forward to driving this new hot rod.  This is the first Millenium built by Brian and Dustin Strand for the 2010 season.  For more information on the Millenium Chassis visit Continue reading 2010 Midwest Modified from Millenium Nightmare Chassis

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2009 Wissota National Champion Dustin Strand

Dustin Strand 2009 Wissota National ChampionCongrats to Dustin Strand the 2009 Wissota National Championship in the Midwest Modified class. 

With 61 races totalling up 39 heat wins, 54 top 5’s and 30 feature wins, Dustin clinched the title on October 9th of 2009 at the Mississippi Thunder Speedway winning his 30th race of the year from the 8th starting position passing the 2008 Wissota National Champion on his way. Continue reading 2009 Wissota National Champion Dustin Strand

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Scott Bintz Racing Year End Stats

2009 Scott Bintz Racing Midwest Modified Summary

Heat Wins: 17 | Feature Wins: 4 | Top 5’s: 27 | Top 10’s: 11

National Standing: 20th of 783 Drivers

Here’s the summary of Top 10 feature results of the Scott Bintz Racing Team for the 2009 Season

Thanks For A Great Year
Thanks For A Great Year

Feature Finish Results Summary

1st Place: 4

2nd Place: 8

3rd Place: 10

4th Place: 5

5th Place: 4

6th Place: 4

7th Place: 1

8th Place: 3

9th Place: 2

10th Place: 1


For complete details and up to date results and stats, see the Detailed Racing Results page.




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Plus an extra thanks to Mitch and the crew at J-Car Race Cars, Dustin and Brian at Millenium Nightmare Chassis, Spencer Johnson, Johnnie C and Randy’s Auto Xpress for helping fine tune the race car and keeping us going on the track this year. Oh and I can’t forget the incredible Brooks and Shaw Driving School.

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Its Back….

2009 Scott Bintz Race Car is BackThe new to me race car for 2009 is back from the shop. This is the car that was wrecked in Princeton, MN in the May. Thanks to Brian Strand and Fast Lane Racing Equipment, we will be racing it Friday at the Geographical Center Speedway.

Also check out the TruXedo Tonneau Covers, one of our sponsors.  Check out 1 of the 6 styles of truck bed covers.  Enhance the look and function of your pickup with a TruXedo.  Plus, ff order a TruXedo tonneau you can get free shipping and a free Scott Bintz Racing tee-shirt.

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The Brakes Went Out In Lisbon

The brakes went out again in Lisbon this past Tuesday 6-9-09 at the Sheyenne River Speedway.  This time the right rear brake caliper mount on the bird cage spun and pulled the brake lines.  Guess when we fixed the left side, we should have checked out the right side a little closer.  Started 6th in the heat and after about 3 laps lost the brakes.  Managed to finish 4th.   Tried to do a quick fix for the feature on the brakes.  Started the feature and moved up a bit, got a right front flat, the pit crew got it changed and we had to start at the back.  Got going again and moved up quite a bit… then lost the brakes and had to pull off and call it a night.

The old car is just plain wearing out.  It was built in 2002 by Hoffman Race Cars for Don Gumke and has been raced all over the country.  I hate to think about how many nights the chassis has on it.  It really needs to be retired.  Its fast but old.

Good news only, the new race car (well its new to me) that was wrecked at the Princeton Speedway on the 3rd night of racing is supposed to be back in action next week thanks to Strand Racing.  So the 02 hoffman (which was also updated by Strand Racing) just needs to last for about 4 more races.     Smile and Pass it On!!

Returning To Action Next Week
Returning To Action Next Week
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Jamestown Speedway 5-23-09

Scott Bintz Midwest Modified
Scott Bintz Midwest Modified

The action at the Jamestown Speedway was fast.  About 30 Midwest Modifieds were there to Race.  Scott Bintz started outside pole of the fist MW Mod heat and won the heat.   The race car ran very well, with but was a little pushing mid corner.

A few tweeks to the set up and we were ready for the feature.  Scott started 2nd row inside.  Ryan Mikkelson grabbed the early led followed by Scott.  Dustin Strand made his way up and took the lead.  After a re-start Scott moved into 2nd and the rest of the race was spent trying to chase Strand down.  Towards the end, with a few laps to go, Scott was able to reel in the leader and had a good shot at winning.   But Strand, who earned 2nd in the Wissota 2008 National Points Standing was able to hang on to the lead for the win. View the Complete Results.

Here is the video from the feature.