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Luck Strikes – Win # 7 & 8

2010 Wissota Midwest Modified Summary
Heat Wins: 19 | Feature Wins: 8 | Top 5’s: 22 | Top 10’s:18
Points/Ave: 1592/53.07 National Standing: 13th (as of 8-29-10)

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Here’s the latest since the last update.  The down and dirty…got 3rd @ I-94 (8/27), WON @ Jamestown Speedway (8/28), 6th at BRRP (8/29), 13th @ I-94 (9/3), 3rd at Jamestown Speedway (9/4) and WON again @ Jamestown Speedway (9/5).

Special thanks to The Pizza Ranch for their ongoing support as well as special props to Spencer Johnson.

The Long Version… went to I-94 Speedway on 8/27/10 and finished 3rd in the heat.  Scott started 7th in the feature and slowly worked his way up the pack getting into 3rd.  On a restart with 5-6 to go, Scott was able to pass Dan Ebert low in corner 1 and 2 and then made a move to take the lead from Travis Saurer in corner 3 and 4.  However, they got together a little, which jammed Scott up a bit and toed the car out.  Ebert made the pass back for 2nd and started battling Saurer for the lead.  21x Saurer won, followed by 60 Ebert and Scott finished 3rd.


Denting the Roof
Denting the Roof

We then headed to Jamestown Speedway for the season championship on 8/28/10.   We drew about the biggest number in the bucket and started in the back of the 2nd heat.  Scott was able to make it up to 2nd in the heat which put him starting 6th the feature.  The feature was dry with some traction on the bottom.  There was a first lap caution.  On the 2nd restart, Scott moved from the high side on the front stretch to the bottom of corner one putting him in 4th coming out of corner two.  After a few laps his was in 2nd, battling for first.  With about 11 laps to go, Scott got the lead and somewhat checked out getting into lap traffic before taking the checkered flag.  68 Taylor Weight got 2nd followed by Z17 Zach Naastad.  (video below)

Next we went to BRRP on 8/29.  Once again drew the big number putting us in the back of the heat.  Scott made it up to 4th and started 12th in the super dry feature.  We tried a few new things on the set up and were able to make it up to 6th.  21x Travis Saurer won followed by 60b Patrick Brejcha and 72 Adam Johnson.

After some car fixing by Spencer, we headed to I-94 Speedway the following Friday 9-3 and again drew about the biggest number in the bucket.  Scott started 7th in the 4th heat and finished 4th putting us starting 16th in the feature.  Scott worked his way up in the feature and with about 6th laps to go, he was making a pass for 5th and got together with #15 Ryan Mikkelson and the call was made on Scott (oops again…we think this is one of those times when the call could have been different, but we could have bad eyes too).  Scott was sent tail end and made it back to 13th.  #60 Dan Ebert won followed by #17 Rich Pavlicek and #2 Josh Eberhardt.

Next we headed to the Jamestown Speedway for the Labor Day Weekend double header on Sat & Sun 9/4 and 9/5/10.  Over 40 Wissota Midwest Modified came for the event.  There were 5 heats the first night with Scott starting 3rd in the 1st heat and he picked up the heat win.  On the redraw, we started outside pole.  The feature was super dry top to bottom.  #17 Lance Schill took the earlier lead as Scott dropped back to 5th.  After some cautions Scott was back in 3rd and then moved up to 2nd.  With 4 to go Jason Grimes passed Scott for 2nd and then a lap later passed Ryan Mikkelson for the lead.  #2 Grimes won followed by #15 Mikkelson.  On the white flag lap Levi Arneson, who had come from 19th, Scott & Mikkelson all got together in corner 3 & 4.  The race continued to the checker and the 1s was scored 3rd.  On the 2nd night, our drawing skills got even better.  Scott started outside pole of the 4th heat and picked up the heat win.  On the redraw, we drew pole for the feature.  The track was dry with a little traction on the bottom.  There as a first lap caution.  On the restart, #2 Josh Eberhardt got the lead and Scott was able to make the pass for the lead on about lap 3.  Scott lead the race until about lap 17 when #99 Cale Arneson passed him low, while #2 Eberhardt passed him high coming out of corner two.  Scott must have drove corner 3 and 4 just about perfect as he was able to pass both back on the low side coming out of corner 4 taking the lead back and going on to see the checkered flag first picking up his 8th win of the season.  #2 Josh Eberhardt finished 2nd followed by #99 Cale Arneson.

Special thanks to everyone for all the help this season.  We are taking the week off to prepare for the BIGGEST Wissota Race of the Year, the Wissota 100 in Huron, SD on Sept 15th-18th, 2010.

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Video of the 8/28/2010 Feature Win at the Jamestown Speedway

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Watermelon Winner Take 2

Miller Speedway Watermelon Winner 7-24-09
Miller Speedway Watermelon Winner 7-24-09

The weekend started with a trip down to Miller Speedway on Friday July 24th.  On the drive, Cameron was hoping Dad would win the watermelon again and Dad was hoping for the trophy.  The heat race was full throttle for 8 laps.  Scott Bintz started 4th and while passing for 2nd blew it off the track coming out of corner 2 and ultimately finished 4th.  In the feature, Scott started 4th row outside.  He was able to pass a car or so every few laps.  With about 5 laps to go, Scott was in second with Lorin Johnson leading.  Scott made a few pass attempts for the lead and came close a few times.  Lorin Johnson won, followed by Scott Bintz and Kevin Bliese.  As is customary in Miller, SD, Scott received a watermelon for 2nd.  Looks like Cameron got his way this time.

On July 25th we were back in Jamestown, ND at the Jamestown Speedway.  With 36 Wissota Midwest Modifieds ready to race.  Scott started outside pole in the 2nd heat with Dustin Strand on pole.  Scott got the lead briefly with a good battle with Stand for a few laps.  Strand moved pasted Scott and won the heat with Scott close behind.  During the feature Scott started 4th row inside next to Strand again.  When the green flag dropped, Scott got a good start and was able to move into 5th pretty quickly.  After several laps Scott was in 4th and a few more he made it to 3rd.  There was a caution with a few laps to go.  On the restart, Scott was able to get beside and attempt to pass Strand for 2nd, but was unable to hold his ground as the race car had a push.   Jason Grimes won followed by Dustin Strand and Scott Bintz.  After the race, we all enjoyed the watermelon from Miller Speedway.

2009 Scott Bintz Racing Midwest Modified Summary
Heat Wins: 10 | Feature Wins: 2 | Top 5’s: 19 | Top 10’s: 7

For complete details and up to date results and stats, visit the Detailed Racing Results page.

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Vrrroom to Kaboommm | Racing Update

Scott BintzJuly 10th started with a trip to the Dacotah Speedway in Mandan, ND for the Midwest Modified special.  Scott Bintz got the lead of the first lap of the heat and kept it.  After a caution, with a few laps to go, there was some side by side racing action and but at the end Scott won the heat.  For the feature, Scott started 7th.  The feature went 25 laps straight with no cautions.  Scott ran both the low side and high sides for the track to move up finished 3rd.  Randy Klein won the special followed by Jason Grimes and Scott Bintz.

On Saturday, the Midwest Modified special continued at the Jamestown Speedway.  39 Cars showed up to race in the MW Mod class.  There were 5 heats and Scott started 3rd row outside in the 2nd heat.  Scott made an early charge in the first lap moving into 4th.  Then making a pass for 3rd the car started smoking and bogging down bad.  Scott managed to finish 4th.  Turns out the car blew a head gasket, plus there we a few rocker arms that were broke.  Good news, is the engine didnt go kaboom real bad.  However, it’s something that needs to be taken to the engine shop to fix, so we were done racing for the night.  Jerry Theis went on to win the feature followed by Dustin Strand and Ryan Mikkelson.

7-13-09 Update on the engine… not good… blew a valve that punched a hole in a piston, cracked the block and damaged the cam.

For up to date results and stats, visit the Detailed Racing Results page.

2009 Scott Bintz Racing Midwest Modified Summary
Heat Wins: 8 | Feature Wins: 2 | Top 5’s: 15 | Top 10’s: 5