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Racing Summary for May 21st to May 23rd 2010

2010 Wissota Midwest Modified Summary as of 5-24-10
Heat Wins: 6
  |  Feature Wins: 2 Top 5’s: 3  |  Top 10’s: 7
Points/Ave: 642/49.38  National Standing: 4th
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Taking the Checker at BRRP
Taking the Checker at BRRP

 The down and dirty….. 3 heat wins, a 21st to 3rd place finish, a rain out and a feature win.

The Scott Bintz Racing team headed out for the Geographical Center Speedway on Friday, 5-21-10 but since the weather was questionable we turned around and headed to the I-94 speedway in Fegus Falls, MN after a quick pit spot at Dakota Engine Builders to change gears real fast. Scott won the heat and started outside pole of the feature. Ryan Mikkelson had the early lead and on a restart, Scott looped it and was sent tail end. Starting from the 21st position, we made it back up through the pack and finished 3rd. #60 Dan Ebert won followed by #15 Flyin Ryan Mikkelson.  Check out the video of the I-94 Speedway race.

On Saturday, May 22nd 2010 we raced the Jamestown Speedway. Scott won his heat and was set to start in the 8th spot for the feature. Mother nature had other plans and we were rained out. The make up feature will be up on 5-29.

For Sunday, May 23rd we headed to the Bullalo River Race Park in Glyndon, MN. Scott won his heat again and started 6th in the feature. It was a half dry slick and half tacky track. Scott got the lead on about lap 10 and was able to pull off the 2nd feature win of the season.   Scott won followed by #9 Tony Engelstad and #33 Jeff Nelson.

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Racing Update for the Weekend of August 14th

2009 Scott Bintz Racing Midwest Modified Summary
Heat Wins: 13 | Feature Wins: 4 | Top 5’s: 21 | Top 10’s: 9

The weekend plans on Friday August 14th, 2009 began with plans to race River Cities Speedway in Grand Forks, ND.  However, with a rain out we headed to the Red River Valley Speedway in West Fargo, ND.  Scott started 4th in the heat and on the started dropped back several spots.  After he completed a few laps he started moving up again and finished 3rd.  Then the rain came and the races we cancelled.

Jamestown SpeedwayOn Saturday August 15th, 2009, we headed back to Jamestown for some racing at the Jamestown Speedway.  At 4pm this was a pretty good down pour of rain but the track was able to work it in.  32 MW Mods showed up for the race.  There were 4 heats with 8 cars in each.  Scott Bintz start on pole in the 4th heat.  Scott got the earlier lead and kept it through three cautions.  Very tacky track in both the heat and feature.  On the starting lap of the feature, Scott got spun and into the mud he went in the center of the track.  On the restart he moved into 5th pretty quickly and after several laps into 4th.  The 3rd place runner dropped out so Scott got into third for the last few laps of the race.  On a restart with 4 to go, Scott got passed at the end by Austin Arneson (who was bad fast and had been sent tail end at the beginning of the race) and wound up finishing 4th.  John Corell led most of the race but bobbled on the last lap.  Dustin Strand won, followed by Corell and Austin Arneson.  On a side note, the heat winners got spots 1-4 in the feature.

On Sunday, we went to BRRP, Buffalo River Race Park in Glyndon, MN.  Scott started 4th in the 4th heat and moved up a car a time and got the lead.  He won the heat by about a straight away as the car was pretty hooked up.  In the feature, he started 7th.  On the first corner, Scott spun out and got sent tail end.  After that the Midwest Mods went 15 laps without a caution and Scott moved up from 20th to finish 10th.  Car worked well, but the spin out on the first lap didn’t help.  Travis Saurer won the feature.

For complete details and up to date results and stats, see the Detailed Racing Results page.

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5-3-3 Latest Results

The weekend of July 3rd started with a trip up to River Cities Speedway.  Scott started 6th in the heat and finished 4th.  Made it up to 2nd but was drilled in the left front tire and had to run the last 4 laps with a flat.  The feature was dry, but had some tack.  Started 12th and finished 5th.  Scott made some good passed until he got to 5th and pretty much stayed there the last few laps.

#71 Dustin Strand and #1s Scott Bintz
#71 Dustin Strand and #1s Scott Bintz

The Fourth of July was very eventful with RealTruck.Com sponsoring the races at the Jamestown Speedway.  Scott and other drivers sponsored by RealTruck started the parade lap with the American Flag.  The Scott Bintz Race team had about the worst possible draw of the night for starting positions in the heats putting us in the 9th position in the first heat.  The track was fast and Scott made it to 4th which put him in the 10th position for the feature.  The track was bone dry for the feature which allowed for some good racing.  Scott made it to 2nd by about lap 10 and passed Ryan Mikkelson for the lead and had the lead for a couple of laps until Dustin Strand got into the mix.  It was 3 wide action for a few laps and Dustin took the lead.  Bintz and Mikkelson battled for 2nd.  It was an excited end with Dustin Strand winning, followed by Ryan Mikkelson and then Scott.

On July 6th, we headed to Buffalo River Race Park and started the 3rd heat on outside pole, next to you guessed it, Dustin Strand.  Strand won the heat followed by Scott.  For the feature it was dry but they watered the high side of the track right before the feature.  Scott started 5th and finished 3rd.  He made a pass for 2nd exiting the last corner of the race but pass pushed into the wall and hit the brakes for a 3rd place finish.

For up to date results and stats, visit the Scott Bintz Racing Results page.

2009 Scott Bintz Racing Midwest Modified Summary
Wins: 2 | Top 5’s: 14 | Top 10’s: 5

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Luck Strikes Again for Scott Bintz Racing

Scott Bintz Feature Win Jamestown Speedway 6-27-09
Scott Bintz Feature Win Jamestown Speedway 6-27-09

Luck finally stuck the Scott Bintz Racing team on 6-27-09 at the Jamestown Speedway with the 2nd Feature win of the season.  After the tornado out at the River Cities Speedway the night before.   On Friday to prepare the car we had to put the 02 Hoffman chassis on the frame rack at Klein’s Collision Center.  The team was excited to race and see how the race car would react after getting tweeked on the frame rack.  29 Midwest Modifieds showed up to race for the night.  Scott Bintz was in the 1st Midwest Modified heat starting in the 4th position.  It was some what of a rough heat with a few cautions.  After the first caution, Scott was in 3rd.  After a the racing resumed he made it up to 2nd and as usual was passed by Dustin Strand, who won the heat.

For the feature, Scott was on pole and led the feature from flag to flag.  However, after 10 laps there was a caution and Ryan Mikkelson followed by Jerry Theis were hot on his tail.  Mikkelson almost made a pass for the lead.  After another caution, Dustin Strand, the 2008 Wissota National Champion Runnerup, moved in to 2nd and with 7 laps to go was driving hard for the lead.  At one point, Strand moved ahead of Scott.  It was a nail biter on the last lap but Scott was able to cross the checkered flag a fender ahead of strand.    If you would like to watch the video of the race will, it be posted later today.  For more details on the race and an interview by the Jamestown Sun, see the Jamestown Sun’s Article.

Scott was also on Dirt Talk Radio on 6-28-09 and that can be heard on NewsDakota.Com in the sports archive area.

On Sunday 6-28-09 the team went to the Buffalo River Race Park and finished 2nd in the heat and 6th in the feature.  The heat was somewhat of a wreckfest with heavy damage on both sides of the car.  Scott started 5th and finished 2nd.  With some help from the Brent Weight’s pit crew, we made it out to the feature.  Starting 3rd in the feature, Scott fell back to about 10th after the first lap as it was a train on the high side of the track.  Bintz slowly moved up and finished 6th.  The feature winner was Rich Pavlicek.

Ending the month in Lisbon at the Sheyenne River Speedway got off to a bumpy start.  In the heat started 6th and started moving up and then got pinched out and had to let off which resulted in finishing 7th.  For the feature started 13th and finished 3rd.  There were to cautions in a row after the 2nd lap and then it was caution free for the rest of the race.  Scott was making the pass for 2nd as the race ended but didn’t quite make it.


Select Photo’s by CRP Photo’s

For complete up to date racing stats and results visit the Scott Bintz Racing Results page.

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Scott Bintz Racing Update

1s LogoThe weekend of racing on 5-29-09 started out pretty good in Grand Forks at the River Cities Speedway with a heat win and 4th place feature finish.  But after that, its been a struggle with mechanical issues.  At the Jamestown Speedway, we won the heat.  Cool, back in action we thought.  Then the brakes went out on the first lap of the feature.  At Buffalo River Race Park, the brake were lost again in the heat.  After some fixing, we headed out for the feature.  On the first caution, the brakes went out again.  After a few laps, had to pull in and call it a night.  On the drive home I had to remind myself “that racing”.  Sometimes you do well and sometimes not so well.  We are hoping to pull out of our not so well phase.  After some more repairs, we headed to the Sheyenne River Speedway.   The car had a push in the heat and managed to drive it off the track.  Oh fun to be a half lap behind.  After being almost a lap down, I caught the pack but not in time to pass anyone.  It was fun driving the car literally all out.  Hit 7,000 RPMs.   In the feature, our set up changes weren’t what we were hoping and the car was still pushing bad coming out of the corners.  Finished the race.  Hopefully after some set up adjustments this week, we can get back into the groove for coming weekend of racing.  The Results have been updated.  Smile and Pass it On.