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Latest Racing Results = 2, 13 & 5

2009 Scott Bintz Racing Midwest Modified Summary
Heat Wins: 14 | Feature Wins: 4 | Top 5’s: 24 | Top 10’s: 9

On Wednesday August 26th, we headed to the Sheyenne River Speedway for their county fair special with both Wissota Midwest Modified and Wissota A-Mods.  Scott started 3rd row inside in the heat and moved up about a car per lap.  He almost got the heat win but drove it in a little low on the last lap.  Then there was a last corner caution thrown.   For the feature, Scott got jammed up a bit and dropped back a few spots on the start.  He started moving up and got into 2nd.  He wasn’t ever able to reel in the leader too much.  Scott got close a few times but not enough to make a good run for the lead.  He did get a few chances to try for the lead on the re-starts, but the leader was pretty smooth towards the end of the race.  Scott Finished 2nd.  Randy Klein was the feature winner. Continue reading Latest Racing Results = 2, 13 & 5