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Saurer Sweeps at Cedar Lake Speedway

Travis Saurer Win at Cedar Lake Speedway Friday

Saurer is Finding His Groove

Travis Saurer wrapped up a pair of wins in the Dakota Engine Builders Concept #1s car at Cedar Lake Speedway this past weekend. After constant adjustments during the USMTS Southern Region Tour, Saurer decided to put his faith back into the car that did so well for him last season and it’s starting to show. The big 605hp #1s car helped Travis drive with his elbows up as he powered around the track and out drove the competition. In his heat race on Friday night he was able to finish first from the second position which earned him the second starting position in the main event. Saturday night, the heat race proved to be more difficult as he started and remained in third place. Come the feature event, he started and remained in first all the way to victory lane to clench his second win of the weekend. It was a good performance at the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series race as Travis went to test adjustments that had been made to the car. It may be early in the race season, but those adjustments should have Saurer returning to victory lane in the future.

Travis Saurer in Victory Lane
Travis Saurer in Victory Lane


Truck Hero #1s Car Victory Lane
Truck Hero #1s Car Victory Lane

Travis is ready to race
Travis is ready to race


Two Trophies
Two Trophies


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Saurer Earns 2 Top 10 Wins in Mississippi

Travis Saurer after the Heat Race Friday Night

 Rain Delays and Radiator Problems Didn’t Slow Saurer

There were several factors that tried to slow the success of Travis Saurer this past weekend, but he prevailed and drove himself to 2 top 10 finishes to keep himself in the lead for rookie points. The first night of racing in Mississippi at the Jackson Motor Speedway resulted in a rain delay as the feature event wasn’t able to start until after midnight, making for a long day for the drivers and fans. Cade Dillard won his second straight USMTS race of 2017 as he took the lead from Trevor Egbert halfway through the race and never looked back. Travis Saurer started the night off well, though the pictures tell a different story. In the heat race Friday night he maintained his second place finish from the same starting position, but drove off the track with radiator problems. Saurer and his crew were able to get the Truck Hero sponsored #1s car fixed in time for the B Main where he went on to win from the 2nd position. Earning himself the 14th position for the feature race, Saurer cruised up to finish 7th, but was surpassed for the Hard Charger award by R.C. Whitwell who passed a total of 13 racers.

As the racers moved to Whynot Motorsports Park on Saturday night, Dillard pulled off a hat trick winning his 3rd race in a row in the Southern Region USMTS Tour. This win was Dillard’s 13th win in his USMTS career and he did it with ease as he took the lead during the third lap and drove all the way to the finish.  Second place was taken by Chris Brown of Spring, Texas which was his second straight night coming in behind Dillard. Ricky Thorton Jr. improved to 5th place after not seeing the feature event Friday night for mechanical reasons. Saurer continued to run the #1s sponsored car with some success; in his heat race he finished 6th from the 3rd position, but rebounded by finishing 4th from the 9th position in the B Main event and rounded out the feature race by finishing 16th after starting at the 20th position.

Come Sunday, Saurer decided to switch to the MB Customs/Dakota Engines Builders car at the Greenville Speedway where he finished in the top 10 for the 2nd time this weekend. After two average performances in the heat and B Main events, Saurer started in the 21st position. During the race, he was able to pass 14 cars to finish seventh during the 40 laps, but was surpassed for the hard charger award which was given to Timothy Culp who also passed 14 cars, but finished once place ahead of Saurer in 6th. There were a total of 9 cautions during the feature race which didn’t seem to matter to 1st place finisher Ricky Thorton Jr. The last caution came during the 33rd lap and no one could keep up with the Thorton after the restart as he rode the wall around the track earning the win by more than 7 seconds. Dereck Ramirez clenched the 2nd place check after Kyle Beard was disqualified during the post race inspections.

As the weekend came to a close, Saurer still leads in rookie points with a total of 676, R.C. Whitwell comes in 42 points below Saurer for 2nd place. In the Summit Racing USMTS Southern Tour standings, Saurer currently holds 7th place with 682 points just behind Ryan Gustin’s 706. Next weekend’s events start on Wednesday with practice runs at the Ark-La-Tex Speedway in Vivian Louisiana.

Truck Hero Sponsored #1s After the Fixing the Radiator
Truck Hero Sponsored #1s Car After the Fixing the Radiator

Travis Saurer Found a Southern Buddy
Travis Saurer Found a Southern Buddy

Saurer is Ready for Sunday Racing in the Truxedo sponsored #1s
Saurer is Ready for Sunday Racing in the Truxedo Sponsored #1s
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Saurer had a Solid Weekend at the Shady Oaks Speedway

Travis Saurer and the #1s GMPP Car

Travis Saurer pulled in a solid weekend in Golaid, Texas at the Shady Oaks Speedway and leaves the area leading in rookie points.


Saurer started the weekend with with his first Bmain performance of the Southern Region USMTS Tour. After moving from 5th to 3rd in his heat race, he then moved from 4th to 3rd in the Bmain event. In the feature race that same night, he received the the Hard Charger award as he moved from the 18th position to finishing 6th in the MB Customs/GMPP #1s car. Although the heat race and Bmain event did not help his starting position in the feature event, Saurer continues to show his improvement and the capability of the #1s car while he is behind the wheel. Ricky Thorton Jr. ended up clenching the winning spot to earn his first win of 2017 after leading the entire 30 lap race.

On Friday, Saurer decided to race the #1s Dakota Engine Builders car which proved to be a wise decision. In his heat race he moved from 5th to finish 2nd and put himself straight through to the feature event where he started in the 3rd position behind Chris Brown of Spring, Texas and Ricky Thorton Jr. By the 12th lap as Thorton and Brown were fighting for the same real estate they made contact in the fourth corner which drew the second yellow flag of the race. Officials conferred and sent both leaders to the back of pack for the restart. During the same lap Hughes was able to pass Saurer for 3rd place, putting himself in 1st after the restart. Hughes was able to hold onto the lead for the remainder of the race and Saurer finished in 3rd place which would be his best finish of the weekend. Ryan Gustin finished 2nd while the original leaders, Thorton and Brown finished 13th and 15th respectfully.

The last night of racing was Saurer’s best night as he switched back to the #1s GMPP Crate car and led a total of 20 laps during the 40 lap event. After finishing 2nd in his heat race, Saurer received the 2nd position to start the feature event. Saurer was quick to move as he passed Johnny Scott on the second lap and they traded positions for the next few laps. Saurer ended up leading laps 2-3 and 5-22, but gave up the lead to Cade Dillard of Robeline, Louisiana on lap 23. Dillard went on to win the event while Saurer finished 8th.

As the weekend wrapped up Saurer can walk away content with his performances. He only had to compete in one Bmain event of the tour thus far and had solid races in two different RHRSwag sponsored cars. Saurer has only one finish below the top ten in his past six feature events showing that he can compete with the best drivers of the USMTS. Saurer also leaves Texas with five Contingency Awards from the weekend including Allstar Performance from Saturdays race and continues into this coming weekend leading in rookie points with a total of 460. As the Summit Racing USMTS Southern Tour moves to Mississippi we’ll keep you posted on Travis’s success as he pursues his first win of 2017. Check out Saurer’s interview at the Shady Oaks Speedway below.

In the meantime, stay up to date on the USMTS schedule,  Travis Saurer Racing, and

Saurer’s Interview at the Shady Oaks Speedway

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Gustin Takes USMTS Opener

Ryan Gustin USMTS Win

Gustin Wins USMTS Opener at Cotton Bowl Speedway

The opening night at Cotton Bowl Speedway last Thursday proved to be an exciting one as Iowa native, Ryan Gustin clenched his second straight USMTS win. Gustin and his brand new Hughes Racing Chassis made quick work of the polesitter, Travis Saurer on the first lap and continued to lead the race until the checkered flag. Four of the top ten finishers battled hard as those drivers passed ten cars each before the finish. Travis Saurer started in the pole position on opening night and maintained a solid race as he finished in 6th place in the MB Custom 1s car, just behind Ricky Thorton Jr. The second night of racing was just as good as Gustin’s teammate Jason Hughes won the race from the 16th position. The leaders of the first 20 laps battled back and forth as Travis Saurer and Stormy Scott traded 2nd place just behind the leader and twin brother, Johnny Scott. Jason Hughes had already strategically picked his way through the masses and took his 3rd place position to 1st on lap 21 just after the caution was pulled in; he led the remainder of the 40 lap race. On Saturday, Chris Brown of Spring, Texas pulled in the win from the 6th position followed by Jason Hughes and Ricky Thorton Jr. Saurer finished 19th in the 50 lap race from the 12th position.

The Scott Bintz Racing cars are a force to be reckoned with as Travis Saurer drove both cars directly into the top 12 all three nights and never had to prove himself in a B main race. Despite changing cars on the second night of racing, Saurer went on to win his heat race and stayed toward the front of the pack for most of feature event, but then fell back to 8th during a few restarts late in the race. Overall, Saurer finished the USMTS opening weekend with two top ten finishes and remains in second place of the Grant Junghans Rookie of the Year competition with 212 points, just behind R.C. Whitwell’s 224. In all competitions, Saurer has shown his capability with the 1s cars and will definitely be a driver to watch for through the Summit Racing Southern Tour.

For more information on results and races, check out USMTS. And always stay up to date on drivers including Ryan Gustin, Travis Saurer and Scott Bintz Racing through facebook.


#1s SBR Dirt Mod Ready for Race Day
#1s SBR Dirt Mod Ready for Race Day

The #1s cars and a Saurer Sunset
The #1s Cars and a Sunset w/ Saurer

Travis Saurer on the First Night of Racing
Travis Saurer on the First Night of Racing

Travis Saurer in the #1s Dakota Engine Builders
Travis Saurer in the #1s Dakota Engine Builders Car on the Second Night of Racing
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Sneak Peek of Travis Saurer’s Opening Weekend of 2017

Check out this sneak peek of the dirt mods Travis Saurer will be racing in USMTS.  Travis Saurer opens his 2017 season racing USMTS at the Cotton Bowl Speedway in Paige, Texas. Travis will be racing the Scott Bintz Racing’s #1s dirt cars as he runs for rookie points in the Southern USMTS Tour for the next seven weeks. Practice runs start on 02/08/2017 and modified racing starts on 02/09 and continues through 02/11 for three solid days of racing. For more information on the tour, visit USMTS. Follow Travis and his success as he rips through the south on Travis Saurer Racing or through Scott Bintz Racing.


Travis Saurer USMTS Sport Mod
Sneak Peek of the Dirt Mods Travis Saurer will be driving in USMTS for Scott Bintz Racing


Travis Saurer '16 w/ 525 Crate Motor
2016 #1s SBR Dirt Mod w/ 525 Crate Motor


Travis Saurer '13 w/ Concept Motor by Dakota Engine Builders
2013 #1s SBR Dirt Mod w/ Concept Engine by Dakota Engine Builders

Travis Saurer '13 by Dakota Engine Builders
2013 #1s SBR Mod getting loaded for the trip
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Scott Bintz Racing Announces USMTS Driver

Travis 1s Car

We are pleased to announce that Travis Saurer will be representing the Scott Bintz Racing team in the Summit Racing Southern USMTS Tour. Kicking it off in Paige, Texas at the Cotton Bowl Speedway, Travis will be on tour for seven weeks through the southern states of Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Find out the details of his trip from Travis himself in this interview by the Red Headed Rebel. Learn more about the tour at USMTS.

Travis Saurer’s Interview with the Red Headed Rebel